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At Sprogcenteret we organise language courses for each individual customer, based on his/her specific wishes and requirements. Corporate courses at all levels. Sprogcenteret offers Danish courses to company employees wanting to improve their professional communication skills.

Our Danish teachers are among the best in Denmark. Thoroughly professional and inspiring they all have a solid background knowledge of cultural differences as well as a healthy sense of humour that helps to make working with a new language an entertaining as well as educational experience.

Introductory course in Danish

For those of you who have a very limited knowledge of Danish and who are going to work in Denmark. Learn to understand and pronounce Danish words and sentences, converse in Danish and learn the main rules of Danish grammar.

Acquire good background knowledge of cultural issues, social conventions and politeness, tact and tone in Denmark. Should you wish, to focus specifically on written Danish and how to formulate yourself clearly in written Danish that can also be arranged.

Brush-up course in Danish

The purpose of the course is to improve speaking skills and accuracy in the language. This course is for those who already have some knowledge of Danish but need to participate in negotiations, represent the company and go to conferences and trade shows in, for example the medical or business areas.

Learn to correct mistakes that can lead to misunderstandings and embarrassment, conduct longer, more complex conversations, practice “ice-breakers” to start conversations and express your opinions. Gain an insight into cultural differences.



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Our instructors are among the best in Denmark and have many years of teaching experience. Sprogcenteret only uses native language speakers who can also speak Danish as well.

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