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Danish language course for employees in your company

At SprogCenteret in Søborg, we offer Danish language courses for companies and businesses, regardless of current Danish level. We offer Danish lessons for foreigners who want to improve their professional communication skills in Danish.

Our Danish teachers are among the best in Denmark, and we have been successfully teaching Danish to Danish companies and their foreign employees for more than 30 years. With a Danish language course, you are guaranteed a professionally customized course that will quickly and effectively improve your employees’ Danish.

Entertaining and relevant training

Our trainers are both professional and inspiring and all have a solid background knowledge of cultural differences. The instructors also have a healthy sense of humor that makes working with the new language an entertaining as well as educational experience for our students. With Danish lessons at SprogCenteret, you are guaranteed:

  • Learning Danish quickly and efficiently
  • Level test before startup
  • Business courses tailored to the individual
  • More than 30 years of experience in language and Danish language training for companies

At Sprogcenteret, we offer language courses in a variety of languages. In addition to Danish lessons, we can help your employees with a language course in English, French, GermanandItalian to name a few. You can see all our language courses here.


“Good and motivating training. Very rewarding. Very relaxed and humorous. You were in a really good mood and very energized after the training. I would give my best recommendations at any time. Too bad it’s already over. Very good class size – 2 people can be too little and more than two too many.”


“SprogCenteret is skilled at matching teachers with students and organizing lessons that take into account a busy schedule. We are extremely satisfied.”

“We have used SprogCenteret for both individual and group lessons and we have been very satisfied with the cooperation. The warmest recommendations from here!”

“Very targeted training based on our problems and specific tasks. Really good!”

“The language center has been really good at listening and understanding our wishes for what our students should learn. They are very professional and flexible with timings.”

Intro course in Danish

This Danish language course is for participants who have very limited knowledge of Danish and who will be working in Denmark and using the Danish language. In our Danish language course, participants learn to understand and pronounce Danish words and sentences, hold conversations in Danish and basic grammar rules in Danish.

Working with Danish lessons also builds up a good knowledge of cultural conditions, manners, tact, tone and politeness. If participants want to focus specifically on written Danish and how to express themselves clearly in written Danish, this can also be arranged.

Danish refresher course

At Sprogcenteret, we also offer a brush up Danish language course for participants who just need to brush up on their Danish. The aim of this refresher course is to improve participants’ speaking skills and accuracy in the Danish language. This specific language course is the obvious choice when you already have knowledge of the desired language, but need to be able to represent the company, participate in negotiations and attend trade fairs and conferences.

Through this language course, participants will learn how to correct errors that can lead to embarrassment and misunderstandings, conduct longer and more complicated conversations, express opinions, and practice ice-breakers for conversation starters. We also work to gain insight into the cultural differences in Denmark.

Danish language course online

In many workplaces, everyday life is busy, filled with meetings and travel. That’s why we offer our Danish language courses online, in the form of distance learning via your preferred platform. For example, Teams, Zoom or Skype. This means you’re not tied to a specific time and place, but can attend classes whenever it suits you – all you need is a stable internet connection.

Flexibility and effective teaching

An online language course, like all face-to-face courses, is tailored to the level, needs and goals of the individual student. We train exactly the same things as in face-to-face Danish lessons, including pronunciation, linguistic and cultural understanding. When you take a language course online, you’ll gain the same skills as in a physical course, but with an increased level of flexibility.

Want us to help your employees with Danish lessons?

If you want to help your foreign employees improve their professional language skills, or want to help them settle in Denmark and get to know the Danish language, culture and history, the Language Center is ready to help you and your employees.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company with Danish language training. You can contact us by phone +45 70 20 74 24, send an email to info@sprogcenteret.dk or fill out the contact form on this website. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


No, at Sprogcenteret we only offer Danish lessons to companies and their employees. However, we do offer Danish lessons for private individuals who want language training through their companies.
Our language courses are designed to meet specific business needs, helping your foreign employees become more proficient in both written and spoken Danish. Of course, our Danish language course also helps your employees in their daily lives, and they learn to communicate in Danish in work and everyday situations.

Yes, we offer Danish lessons for your company’s foreign employees who want to learn Danish and better understand Danish culture and history.

We offer a variety of Danish language courses that can be customized to each company’s needs. These include Danish lessons at different levels or industry-specific language courses (e.g. in finance).

Yes, we specialize in customizing our training materials and courses to be relevant and meet the unique requirements and goals of your business. This includes flexibility in scheduling, course content and teaching methods that best suit your employees’ learning styles and work schedules.

Yes, our language training can take place at your company in Zealand or online via Skype, Google Meet or a completely different platform, ensuring flexibility and convenience

The duration of our language courses varies depending on the course type and your specific needs. Typically, we offer courses lasting 10-20 weeks with classes 1-2 times a week.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us if you would like more information about Sprogcenteret, our courses or a quote. Our instructors are among the best in Denmark and have many years of teaching experience. Sprogcenteret only uses native language speakers who can also speak Danish as well.

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