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Italian Courses

Here you can read more about our Italian courses. We customise the courses according to your individual requirements. You will therefore have a unique course that is based on what you need to learn. At Sprogcenteret, we provide training in Italian by the country’s best language teachers. We begin with establishing your language proficiency level before the course starts. This means we can customise the course to suit your requirements. Ring us to learn more on tel. 70 20 74 24 or contact us via the contact form below.

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Business Italian – Beginners Level

This course is designed for customers with very limited or no prior knowledge of Italian. You will learn basic grammar rules and to pronounce and understand words and sentences in Italian. Having short conversations in Italian forms part of the course. You will also learn more about etiquette, courtesy, tactfulness and cultural characteristics of Italy as a background to learning Italian.

Spoken Italian

In this course we work to strengthen the participant’s oral skills. We focus on pronunciation and vocabulary. Become more confident and able to speak with greater force and conviction. Learn to present products and ideas, make phone calls, hold meetings etc. During conversation training you will also acquire more background knowledge about Italian culture.


“Good and motivating training. Very rewarding. Very relaxed and humorous. You were in a really good mood and very energized after the training. I would give my best recommendations at any time. Too bad it’s already over. Very good class size – 2 people can be too little and more than two too many.”


“SprogCenteret is skilled at matching teachers with students and organizing lessons that take into account a busy schedule. We are extremely satisfied.”

“We have used SprogCenteret for both individual and group lessons and we have been very satisfied with the cooperation. The warmest recommendations from here!”

“Very targeted training based on our problems and specific tasks. Really good!”

“The language center has been really good at listening and understanding our wishes for what our students should learn. They are very professional and flexible with timings.”

Business Italian Brush-up Course

In the Business Italian Brush-up Course, customers improve their oral fluency and accuracy. The course is designed for those who master challenging situations in Italian, e.g. presentations, negotiations, conferences and trade fairs. The Business Italian Brush-up Course provides you with tools to correct mistakes that can cause embarrassing situations and misunderstandings. You learn to conduct conversations, use ‘ice-breakers’ for starting meetings, and to express points of view. The course also provides an insight into cultural differences between Denmark and Italy.

Financial Italian

This course is designed for people who work in the financial sector, e.g. banking and accounting. The purpose of this course is to improve your negotiation skills in Italian and to ensure that you give a professional and well-prepared impression. You will become more confident discussing professional documents and data in Italian.

Presentation Skills

This is a course for customers who design and deliver presentations in an international context. We look into how rhetoric can be used to engage the audience. You will learn tricks and techniques to create powerful presentations – presented in the right way for an international audience.

Written Italian

This course is designed for those of you who have to express themselves flawlessly in written Italian as part of their work. The course’s focus is on mastering Italian grammar and sentence structure. You learn how to make yourself clear and do so in various styles. When you write, it is always important to be aware of the target audience and to make sure that the degree of formality and jargon used suit your purpose. The course provides you with tools to adapt your style to the occasion.

Italian for Business Administration

As a business administrator, you work in a busy environment that poses various challenges. In this course, we focus on written Italian, e.g. revising texts in Italian, such as letters, offers, reports and other texts. Through various notation techniques you will also learn how to communicate effectively and safely, and how to extract essential information from conversations and meetings in relation to the task and target group.

Technical Italian

This course is designed for customers who wish to learn technical terms and build up a vocabulary base that enables them to communicate well within a specific industry. In this course, you achieve proficiency in technical terms within your field of work, e.g. laboratory work, legal professions, engineering, shipping, real estate management and industrial design.

Telephone Italian

It is an art in itself to sell or negotiate over the phone. In this Italian course you will learn to understand and conduct simple Italian conversations over the phone. The course consists of training in telephone dialogues and you learn the correct techniques to start, maintain and end a telephone conversation in the most rewarding way.

Service Sector Italian

In the Service Sector Italian course, you learn words and phrases that are related to the service sector. We are working to strengthen your linguistic confidence when meeting with Italian customers and guests at the office or in the shop. The course is especially designed for those working in tourism, the catering industry, the retail industry, etc.

Medical Italian

This course is designed for customers who work in medical professions in Italy. You will learn the Italian words for the Latin terminology for use in conversations with patients. The course also provides background information on living and working in Italy.

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