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English Courses
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If you want to improve your employees’ language skills and English proficiency, an English language course is the ideal choice. At SprogCenteret, we offer a basic English language course and English business courses aimed at international companies, as well as oral English language training that will increase your employees’ English speaking skills and confidence.

If you have any questions or just want to hear more about our English courses, call us on +45 70 20 74 24 or send us a message via the contact form.

An experienced and competent language center

When you choose a language course at SprogCenteret, you’re assured:

  • Learning English quickly and efficiently
  • Level test before startup
  • Business courses tailored to the individual
  • More than 30 years of experience in corporate language training

At Sprogcenteret, we are experts in language courses and language teaching, and in addition to our English language courses, we also offer Danish language courses and Danish lessons for foreigners.


“Good and motivating training. Very rewarding. Very relaxed and humorous. You were in a really good mood and very energized after the training. I would give my best recommendations at any time. Too bad it’s already over. Very good class size – 2 people can be too little and more than two too many.”


“SprogCenteret is skilled at matching teachers with students and organizing lessons that take into account a busy schedule. We are extremely satisfied.”

“We have used SprogCenteret for both individual and group lessons and we have been very satisfied with the cooperation. The warmest recommendations from here!”

“Very targeted training based on our problems and specific tasks. Really good!”

“The language center has been really good at listening and understanding our wishes for what our students should learn. They are very professional and flexible with timings.”

Business English – Beginners Level

This English language course is designed for your employees with very limited or no knowledge of English at all. In our English language course, students will learn how to understand and pronounce English words and phrases, the main grammatical rules and how to hold a conversation in English. During the course, students will also acquire a greater background knowledge of manners, politeness, tact and tone, and cultural issues.

Spoken English

Oral English training is a language course where we work to strengthen participants’ oral skills by focusing on pronunciation and vocabulary in English. You’ll find that your employees will become more confident and able to speak with greater impact and conviction.

Focus on English in the workplace

We also work on presenting products and ideas, conducting phone calls, presentations, meetings, etc. During the conversation training, participants will also acquire more background knowledge about the culture of the UK. This language course will benefit your employees in the future, both personally and professionally.

Business English Brush-up Course

The aim of this Business English brush-up course is to improve and refresh your employees’ speaking skills and linguistic correctness. The Brush-up business English course is especially for those facing demanding situations such as representations, negotiations, conferences and trade fairs. In this English language course, students will learn how to correct mistakes that may cause embarrassment and misunderstandings. They will also learn how to hold a conversation, practice ice-breaker expressions to start conversations and express opinions. In our brush-up language course, we also work to create insight into cultural differences.

Business English

This business English language course is designed for those who want to improve their speaking skills in negotiations, meetings and presentations to ensure they appear professional and well-prepared. During this English language course, we will practice business expressions and improve students’ speaking skills to increase their vocabulary. Financial, accounting and bookkeeping terms can be included in the course by arrangement. Students are welcome to bring their own material from their daily work. An ideal language course to improve your employees’ English skills at a commercial level.

E-mail English

This English language course is designed for those who need to write more effective and linguistically stronger emails in English. Today, business communication relies heavily on emails and there is a world of difference between your employees writing to a customer, a colleague or a friend. In this language course, participants will learn how to write emails in a style that is relevant to the context of the email. At the same time, they will learn to express themselves more clearly. We work meticulously with various language exercises, building vocabulary for emails, practicing writing rules, common expressions and phrases, grammar and sentence formation.

Presentation Skills

A language course on presentation skills is for those who need to plan and deliver presentations and lectures in an international world. We work on how rhetoric can be used to engage the audience. Participants will also learn tips and techniques on how to make their presentation effective by presenting it in the right way to an international audience.

Written English

This written English language course is designed for those who need to be able to express themselves clearly and flawlessly in their work. The course focuses on helping your employees master English grammar and sentence structure, and teaching them how to express themselves clearly in writing. When writing, it’s always important to be aware of the target audience and make sure that the degree of formality and technical language is appropriate. We work with this in the course and aim for the participant to develop an articulate and correct written language.

English for Business Administration

The work of a secretary is fast-paced and full of challenges. In this language course aimed at secretaries and receptionists, they will learn how to work with writing and revising English texts. For example, minutes, letters, offers, reports and the like. Through various note-taking techniques, you will also learn how to communicate effectively and confidently, and we work on learning how to extract the most important points from conversations and meetings in relation to the task and target audience.

Technical English language course

This technical English course is for those who need to learn industry-specific terms and phrases and build a vocabulary that enables them to communicate in specialized terminology in your work. In the course, we aim to gain confidence in technical terms in your field of work, such as laboratory work, law, the railway industry, shipping, real estate, industrial design and hairdressing. It’s a language course that sets the stage for your employees’ future working life.

Telephone German

Selling or negotiating over the phone is an art in itself. In this language course, participants will learn to understand and conduct easier English conversations over the phone. The course consists of practicing dialogues over the phone, and students learn the correct techniques to start, maintain and end a phone conversation in the most rewarding way.

Service Sector English

In the Service English course, participants learn words and phrases related to service professions. We work to strengthen students’ linguistic confidence when dealing with English customers and guests in the office or in the store. This language course is especially designed for those working in tourism, hospitality, retail, etc.

Medical English

This course is designed for those who will be working as a doctor abroad. You will learn the English words for the Latin technical terms for use in conversations with patients. The course also works to create greater background knowledge about cultural conditions and norms – both in the workplace and privately in England. A language course that will help you well on your way to your job as a doctor practicing abroad.

English courses for participants from Copenhagen and around Copenhagen

We host a variety of English classes for participants from Copenhagen and the surrounding area. The courses are held at our premises on Vandtårnsvej in Søborg. You are welcome to contact us on +45 70 20 74 24 if you have any questions or are in doubt about which language course your employees should choose. You can also use the contact form on this page.


We offer tailor-made English language courses for companies and their employees. It’s ideal for employees, teams and managers who want to improve their language skills for professional use.

We offer a range of course types, including intensive courses, online courses and customized courses that can be tailored to specific needs and industries. These can range from general language training to specialized courses in business or technical English.

Training can be arranged as face-to-face meetings at your company, online via platforms such as Zoom or Skype, or a combination of both. The courses are interactive and focus on the practical use of the language in everyday work situations.

Yes, all our courses can be customized to meet your business needs. This includes adapting course material to specific subject areas and work tasks, as well as flexibility in scheduling and course duration.

To register your company for an English language course with us, please contact us. You can contact us by phone on +45 70 20 74 24 or use our contact form on this page.

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