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Russian Courses

At Sprogcenteret, we have over 26 years experience in language teaching and our skilled and experienced language teachers are among the nation’s best.

When you choose a course in Russian with us, we make sure to design the course content according to what you specifically need to learn. You get a course that is tailor-made for you.

When you register for a Russian course at Sprogcenteret, we offer a free conversation with one of our teachers. Before the course starts, you and the teacher establish your language skills level. We then customise the course content for every individual learner, so your instruction will exactly meet your requirements.

Call 70 20 74 24 and learn more about the possibilities or use the contact form to send us a direct message.

Business Russian – Beginners Level

This course is designed for customers with very limited or no prior knowledge of Russian. You will learn to pronounce and understand words and sentences in Russian. Understanding basic grammar rules and having short conversations in Russian form part of the course. You will also learn more about etiquette, courtesy, tactfulness and cultural characteristics of Russia.

Business Russian Brush-up Course

In the Business Russian Brush-up Course, customers improve their oral fluency and accuracy. The course is designed for those who master challenging situations in Russian, e.g. presentations, negotiations, conferences and trade fairs. The Business Russian Brush-up Course provides you with tools to correct mistakes that can cause embarrassing situations and misunderstandings. You learn to conduct conversations, use ‘ice-breakers’ for starting meetings, and to express points of view. The course also provides an insight into cultural differences between Denmark and Russia.

business russisk sprogkursus

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Our instructors are among the best in Denmark and have many years of teaching experience. Sprogcenteret only uses native language speakers who can also speak Danish as well.

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